The top 5 video editing software for school students to learn in Summer Vacation

With summer vacations starting, all the school students get chance to skill up themselves by attaining new skills. Video editing is one such creative and engaging pursuit that can help students unleash their creativity and storytelling abilities during their vacation time. In this blog post, we will explore the top five video editing software options for school students to learn during their summer vacation. Whether you're interested in enrolling in a video editing institute in Rohini or seeking the best video editing courses in Delhi, these software choices will provide a solid foundation for your video editing journey.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro:
Adobe Premiere Pro provides a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of video formats, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Enrolling in a Premiere Pro course in Rohini can help students master this powerful software and gain industry-standard skills.

  1. Adobe After Effects:
Adobe After Effects allows students to add stunning visual effects, animations, and titles to their videos. By joining After Effects course in Rohini, students can bring their video projects to life and explore creative possibilities. Combining Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects can result in dynamic and professional-looking video edits. Look for courses that offer training in both Premiere Pro and After Effects for a comprehensive learning experience.

  1. Final Cut Pro:
Final Cut Pro is a popular video editing software for Apple users. Final Cut Pro provides a robust set of tools for editing, audio mixing, color grading, and special effects. If you're using a Mac system, learning Final Cut Pro from FCP training institute can be a great choice, as it provides a professional-grade editing experience and is widely used in the industry.

  1. iMovie:
For students using Mac systems or iOS devices, iMovie is an accessible and user-friendly video editing software. iMovie offers a simplified interface with basic editing tools, transitions, and effects. It's an excellent starting point for beginners, allowing them to learn the fundamentals of video editing while producing quality results. iMovie is a free software, making it a budget-friendly option for students who want to explore video editing without investing in expensive software.

  1. DaVinci Resolve:
DaVinci Resolve is known for its advanced color grading capabilities, making it particularly popular among filmmakers and professionals in the industry. Learning DaVinci Resolve can provide students with a versatile skill set and exposure to industry-standard editing workflows.


During summer vacation, school students can utilize their time to learn video editing skills using the top five software options mentioned above. Whether you choose to enroll in a video editing institute in Rohini or explore the best video editing courses in Delhi, these software choices, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and DaVinci Resolve, offer a range of features and functionalities suitable for students of different skill levels. Embrace the art of video editing and let your creativity shine through compelling visual storytelling.